Sunday, 28 February 2010

Mothering Sunday

It's Mother's Day soon, for British readers anyway, and who else is more worthy of some delicious cupcakes than the special lady who fed you Calpol when you were poorly and kissed all those grazed knees better?!

Here are some ideas:

This reminds me of the, perhaps slightly over-used, I ♥ NY t-shirts, but New York is cool, and the only thing I know which is cooler than NY is my mum (and yours) these are pretty apt! From Cupcake Decorating Ideas

If your mum is the classic Brie-from-Desperate-Housewives-Martha-Stewart-without-the-imprisonment type, these are perfection! I love the idea of having the design running over several cupcakes instead of being confined to just one tiny canvas. By Cupcakekasih

Bakerella just never gets it wrong! Serve this cupcake to a delighted young-at-heart mum on mother's day.

These are very pretty and very Cath Kidston. Sometimes a lot of decoration can take away from cupcakes looking edible, let alone delicious, but that icing looks very tempting!

More ideas coming soon!

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