Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Parklife Cafe

I found this gem by chance whilst on work experience at the Worthing Herald last week. Since then I have not stopped talking about it!

I was walking down Montague street and saw a vintage bicycle tied to a lampost next to a sign about the Parklife Cafe. How could I not pop in after such a curious way of advertising.

Serving amazing cupcakes and milkshake/smoothies this cafe reminds me of a mixture of ShakeAway and Angel Food Bakery in Brighton (more about the latter later).

They also sell delicious paninis, sandwiches and another favourite of mine, bagels. I recommend the ham and cream cheese toasted bagel.

But back to the cakes!
They are stunning! See for yourself...

I love Halloween so I adored the giant orange cake! Unfortunately I couldn't buy it due to lack of funds and the fact that I would eat it in a day quite easily... so I settled for a delicious orange butter icing cupcake decorated with chocolate eye balls. The icing was fabulously rich and I had a green version the next day.

If you have no other reason to go to Worthing (and let's be honest, there probably isn't except for the new H&M), go for the Parklife Cafe! Then join the Facebook page afterwards.

Find it at: Bath Place, Worthing.
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NEXT TIME: Fullertons in Brighton

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