Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Fullertons Brighton

Brighton stationers Fullertons puts the soul back into occasions that buying a Hallmark card from Clintons can take away. They sell a wide range of cards for all tastes as well as decorations, balloons and those kinds of necessities.

But what we're interested in are their cake tins for hire.

It was my boyfriend's milestone 18th birthday, so I decided to bake him a cake. I went to college around the corner from Fullertons and remembered their cake tin hire service.

You can order tins in the shape of numbers from 0-9, which was perfect for me.

There's a £10 deposit for hire and a £2.50 charge for each tin, so even if you somehow destroy the tins, it's still cheaper than ordering a cake from a bakery. (I know this from working at one). Plus it's so much fun to do!

The tins come with a recipe for sponge cake or chocolate sponge cake (which involves adding cocoa powder to the sponge cake recipe).

This is the first cake I've ever baked for anyone else and I had a limited budget so it's far from perfect.

However, it tasted wonderful! I added some white hot chocolate powder from Whittards for my own twist.

One thing that was annoying was their the fact that the bottoms weren't flat.

They look like this, but as they've been used before they were slightly bent and didn't sit flat on the baking tray.

This resulted in half of the cake mix escaping...

One advantage of this was being able to try the cake by eating the parts that had seeped out, but this is outweighed by having half as much cake.

Nevertheless, it's still great value and no one else knows about this little catastrophe unless you tell them!

There were red smarties on the metal balls in the 8 holes, but they were eaten before I could take a photo!

Find Fullertons at: 151 Dyke Road, Brighton BN1 3JE / 01273 325508


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